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We feel that it is important to convey that the iHeadache Apps for iOS and BlackBerry were initially developed with limited funds as well as without pharmaceutical support. Dr. Loftus saw the need for an electronic headache diary as he worked with patients in his own practice. His patients would often forget to bring their headache diary to their appointment or it would be incomplete because they did not carry it with them all the time. When patients did bring their headache diary, Dr. Loftus had to spend time analyzing it to determine the number of headaches the patient was having and their medication usage. 


A very dedicated group of people have spent thousands of hours developing and refining iHeadache. Our goal is to make iHeadache accessible to all patients with headaches.  We offer advertising in our iOS app as well as on iHeadache Online in order to support and continue development. A portion of our revenue is donated to charity and to date, all profits have been used to improve iHeadache or develop other projects.  In addition to headache, we are working on electronic diary systems for various other diseases. 

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