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Patient education materials tell your patients about iHeadache!

iHeadache Online, our patient portal, is a comprehensive electronic headache diary your patients will use to track their headaches. To make it easy for your patients to learn about iHeadache we have brochures (once folded they are 4" x 8.5") and cards (the size of a business card). We also have brochure holders and card holders. The brochures and cards are bundled in packages of 50. Since we are on a limited budget we don't want to burden you with unwanted materials but we are happy to send you as many as you think you need. You can always request more if you run out!. Use the form below to request brochures and cards.

Do you already have iHeadache literature?

If you already have some of our cards or brochures please look at them and make sure they have screen shots of and mention iHeadache Online. If they only mention iHeadache App (for BlackBerry and iPhone) then please request new ones. It is ok to throw the old ones away! They are not overly expensive and we want to make sure you are giving your patients up-to-date information about iHeadache Online.

Encourage your patients to move from iHeadache app to iHeadache Online.

If your patients are using iHeadache app (on an Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or BlackBerry) then insuruct them to being using iHeadache Online. We plan to make the Apple app sync with the website but that is a work in progress and we plan to implement this once we have the funding. If you are interested, click here to learn more about how iHeadache is funded.

Please let your patients know they can use the internet browser on their mobile phones or other mobile devices to record headaches in iHeadache Online. They will need to use a computer to register for iHeadache Online and to setup their preferences such as their acute treatments, preventative treatments and triggers. Then they can use the web browser on their smartphone to record headaches in iHeadache Online when they are away from their computers.

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