Insurance Documentation

Overview of iHeadache MD > Insurance Documentation

Do you spend timing going through your chart to gather data for insurance forms?  iHeadache MD makes this process much easier.

In just seconds- you can gather a list of preventatives the patient has tried with start dates, stop dates, and dosages and reason for stopping.

Need to document headache days or disability before and after changes to the preventative treatment plan?  Use the text report function to cut and paste the desired data directly into your chart or insurance letter.

Insurance asking for the number of headaches per month? Click the dashboard and have your answer in seconds.


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  • DocumentationImprove Your Documentation

    Insurance payers are wanting detailed documentation before they will approve procedures and medications. iHeadache MD makes it easy for you to generate data to justify costs.

  • optimize careOptimize Patient Care

    iHeadache's report & dashboard make it easy for you to see which acute and preventative treatments are working and which aren't; so that you can individually customize the patient's treatment plan.

  • save timeSave Time

    Reports from iHeadache give you a snapshot of the patient's disability, medication usage, treatment effectiveness and pain. This gives you more time to talk with the patient or see additional patients.