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Overview of iHeadache MD > iHeadache App

iHeadache App on the iOS store is the most popular electronic diary app ever created. With over 100,000 downloads, it has been invaluable to numerous patients and their providers. At the present time, the iHeadache app does not sync with the iHeadache online. iHeadache app also does not track preventatives, has no mechanism to track triggers on non-headache days, and does not allow for custom symptoms. Therefore, iHeadache online is more powerful and more flexible but a lot of patients will prefer the convenience of using a diary on their phone.

iHeadache has received some funding from our sponsors (Valeant and Nautilus) but to date has not completely covered expenses besides the time we have spent on this project. Therefore, our development is relatively slow. We do plan to sync the iHeadache app with the website in the future but for now users should use either the app (where they can email you a report) or the website.

If you enjoy using iHeadache and which to help us fund the further development of the iHeadache App, please donate here.

As we have limited funding, we do not intend to develop an android version of the iHeadache app. Instead, we plan to develop a mobile optimized web site for iHeadache entries from Android, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry devices.

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  • DocumentationImprove Your Documentation

    Insurance payers are wanting detailed documentation before they will approve procedures and medications. iHeadache MD makes it easy for you to generate data to justify costs.

  • optimize careOptimize Patient Care

    iHeadache's report & dashboard make it easy for you to see which acute and preventative treatments are working and which aren't; so that you can individually customize the patient's treatment plan.

  • save timeSave Time

    Reports from iHeadache give you a snapshot of the patient's disability, medication usage, treatment effectiveness and pain. This gives you more time to talk with the patient or see additional patients.