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iHeadache® App (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch electronic headache diary), iHeadache Online™ (online headache diary) and iHeadache MD™ (physician portal) were developed by headache specialist Brian D. Loftus, MD, a neurologist in private practice in Bellaire (Houston) Texas.

At this time, as a company we feel that it is important to make these tools accessible to both patients and healthcare professionals at no cost. In order to maintain the app and websites and further their development, all iHeadache products have been self funded or supported by advertising. Click here to read more about our funding. Please read the letter below from Dr. Brian Loftus about iHeadache MD..

Fellow Physicians and Other Healthcare Professionals,

Headache experts agree that the patient's headache diary is a key to providing excellent headache care. I have always asked my patients to keep a headache diary but many would not do it because it is inconvienent or time consuming. When I saw patients who did keep a paper headache diary, it took valuable time out of the visit for me to analyze their headache diary data. A paper headache diary is better than not having any diary at all but I knew there must be an easier way. 

I developed iHeadache because I saw a need for an electronic headache diary that would make it easy for patients to record their data; and also provide a concise report for their physician. iHeadache makes gathering and analyzing headache data a snap so you can spend your time determining changes in therapy or focusing on other patient needs.

iHeadache is an electronic headache diary system that allows patients to track the following:

  • Headache days or periods
  • Headache related disability (time and disability questions)
  • Acute medication usage
  • Preventative medications and treatments
  • Headache triggers
  • Headache pain descriptions, severity, and locations

Once the patient has identified you as their health care professional, you will be able to view their data directly.  You can specify custom preferences and they are applied to all of your patient's data.  iHeadache provides many different views of the data.  On the dashboard, you can quickly view the patient data by quarters, month, 30 day, or 28 day periods.  The data is presented graphically to allow you to rapidly see how the patient is progressing.  The report section allows you to create text documentation that you can cut and paste into your EMR, print for your paper chart, or cut and paste into a Word document to prepare an insurance letter.  The preventative section overlays the preventative medication and treatments on a calendar along with the a display of the patient’s headaches.  This allows you to visually see if a preventative is working.

Please take the guided tour to look at specific highlights of our system.  If you are ready to use iHeadache Online and iHeadache MD in your practice pleas register for iHeadache MD. You can also request educational materials (cards and handouts) that you can give to patients to let them know about iHeadache Online.

Best regards,

Brian D. Loftus, MD
Neurologist, Bellaire Neurology
Chief Medical Officer, Better QOL, Inc.
Vice President, Southern Headache Society
Headache Section Chair, Texas Neurological Society

  • DocumentationImprove Your Documentation

    Insurance payers are wanting detailed documentation before they will approve procedures and medications. iHeadache MD makes it easy for you to generate data to justify costs.

  • optimize careOptimize Patient Care

    iHeadache's report & dashboard make it easy for you to see which acute and preventative treatments are working and which aren't; so that you can individually customize the patient's treatment plan

  • save timeSave Time

    Reports from iHeadache give you a snapshot of the patient's disability, medication usage, treatment effectiveness and pain. This gives you more time to talk with the patient or see additional patients.