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Dr. Loftus considers headache treatment a team sport. His job is to supply the proper advice and treatment options, the patients job is to maintain the data and provide feedback and maintain a diary. While some patients will not keep any diary, most prefer the convenience of an electronic diary over a paper diary.

iHeadache App has been downloaded over 100,000 times and user comments (as found on the app store ) include.

Kat L. wrote

"I have been having migraines since I was about 10 years old. I have tried different ways of tracking them but could never keep up with any of them. This app makes it sooo easy!! As soon as the aura starts, I can log it. I love having the notes section because I can detail EVERYTHING that happened prior to the headache. Then I can go back later and finish the details of the headache. My log is always with me! ..."

Grmtfirl wrote

"This is such a useful tool!! Thank you so much!! In the past my tracking was spotty and I only captured the base bones. Now it's so easy with this app!..."

Kirrahe wrote

"I adore this app and how well organized it is. It is really simple to use while at the same time being pretty thorough. Another aspect about it that I love is that is has a pretty sizable list of migraine meds prevuilt in. I have had chronic migraines since I was five and this app here has made keeping tarack of them so easy! It's free go get it guys! I promise you won't regret it : )"

Sunkat14 wrote

"This app is just what I needed to keep track of my recurring headaches. This is so much easier that keeping notes... When I'm in pain I certainly can't focus on remembering the specifics, but this is quick and easy to use by just selecting yer or no from provided signs/symptoms. LOVE IT!"

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  • DocumentationImprove Your Documentation

    Insurance payers are wanting detailed documentation before they will approve procedures and medications. iHeadache MD makes it easy for you to generate data to justify costs.

  • optimize careOptimize Patient Care

    iHeadache's report & dashboard make it easy for you to see which acute and preventative treatments are working and which aren't; so that you can individually customize the patient's treatment plan.

  • save timeSave Time

    Reports from iHeadache give you a snapshot of the patient's disability, medication usage, treatment effectiveness and pain. This gives you more time to talk with the patient or see additional patients.