About Better QOL, Inc.

iHeadache is developed and maintained by Better QOL, Inc., a software company based in Bellaire, Texas.  iHeadache is the brain-child of neurologist, researcher & headache specialist, Dr. Brian Loftus.  Dr. Loftus has a busy headache clinic, Bellaire Neurology, and saw the need for an electronic headache diary tool because of his interactions with patients. 

Our Mission

It is the mission of Better QOL, Inc. to provide practical web-enabled resources and tools to improve patient outcomes - and clinician and staff satisfaction - while creating an efficient and sustainable clinical office practice. We are dedicated to improving the patient’s overall quality of life by bringing standard diagnostic research instruments and quality of life surveys into routine medical practice. We promote medication safety, patient medication compliance and cultivate an efficient channel of education between the physician and their patient.

Tracking Quality of Life

What is important to most patients with a chronic illness? The typical answer is their overall quality of life. They may not use those exact words but as anyone with a chronic disease knows, how well they are able to function and lead a normal life is what is valued most. It is what a healthy individual takes for granted and what someone with a chronic disease fears will become a distant memory. While this may seem obvious to patients, and acknowledged on a theoretical basis by physicians, in clinical practice the patient’s quality of life is not routinely tracked. Our goalis to bring quality of life measurements to routine clinical practice. We develop tools for physicians and patients that measure and improve health outcomes.